Classes of Society

November 28, 2014

Everyone wants to be in and likes have top class. Be it people, places or things, we want classy stuff. Since the beginning of time, which actually means since the humans came into being, the concept of class has been there one or the other way. We have been always divided into classes and sub classes based upon one or the other factor. Not only humans but there are classes among other things like animals, materials and services, for the sake of distinction or because of different qualities.

Further more there are even philosophies and systems based upon classes, e.g. socialism and communism. Religiously speaking clergy and spiritual leaders are the top class, in terms of governance and politics, the ruling elite and the kings have been the top class and economically speaking, rich and poor are the main classes. It doesn’t end there, actually there is a hierarchy of classes in a society based upon race, origin, wealth, color, beauty, knowledge, ethnicity, language, religion and so on.

We can’t avoid classes, as it’s not possible to put everything under one class. Classes help define type and the level of refinement of a thing or person. Classes are natural because people and things naturally have different properties and qualities. What we should avoid is looking down upon others just because they belong to a certain class and giving unnecessary uplift to those who belong to our preferred class. That is only possible when we are educated and aware of its importance.

Paradox of Life

November 22, 2014

Life is full of paradoxes: day and night, small and big, one and many, up and down, sweet and sour, good and bad, right and wrong and so on. Truth is that paradox is the very definition of this world, and more appropriately, believe it or not, paradox is the charm of this life. The problem lies with us, who have twisted our minds and want to change the nature and be the God.

If there were no light there would be no life and if there were no night, there would be no romance. If everyone in this world were rich there would be no activity hence boredom would kill us. If there were no mountains the flat land would not look that beautiful and vice versa. If there were no average looking people, there would be no appreciation of beauty.

Would we like to flatten all the landscape, or do we want to have only monotonous days without having the beautiful nights? Do we want to always have the feeling of a full fat belly and miss the excitement of the want of great food, fruits and drinks which a so-called poor person does have? Suffering is not what we look forward to, but ups and downs give us the meaning and feeling of joy and happiness.

Finally if there were no “bad” how we would know about “good”? Probably “right” and “wrong” are two sides of the same coin, it’s just the look and feel that makes it look good or feel bad. That is the paradox of this life and that is the puzzle and charm of this world. We can’t avoid contradiction as it is what this world is all about, what we don’t want is the domination of the evil and extreme.

Voices and Sounds

November 6, 2014

Voice is one of the human attributes and a way of our expression. Different sounds convey different meanings and a language is set of certain sounds. Some people are unfortunate enough not to have this wonderful attribute and some are so lucky that their voice calms down disturbed souls and provides peace and pleasure to many people.

There are different sounds for different purposes and occasions which convey the state of our mind and body. There is human voice and then there are sounds and sights of this world. There is sound of music and musical instruments and there is sound of thunder and thunder storms. All convey different events and happenings around us, causing either happiness or sadness.

There are voiceless people and then those whose voice is suppressed. There are sounds produced by people after eating up to their throats and there are sounds coming out of the bellies of those who haven’t eaten for days. There is noise of explosions and missiles and there is cry of innocent and oppressed children of God. There is sound of terror in the voice of a cruel person and there is a weak whose cries echo up to the sky.

Finally there are voices of love and passion, which make us feel so good and great that we forget all other charms of life and just wait for a single word and call from the beloved. As the great Sufi Shah Latif says: “My beloved once called me with passion and all my life I just remember only that one”. Further he says: “There is bawling in the desert, is it cry of a hurt person or cuckoo’s call? probably it’s lover’s valor and voice”.

         ،حبيبن هيڪار منجهان مِهر سڏ ڪيو

!سو مون سڀ ڄمار اورڻ اهو ئي ٿيو

          رُڃُن ۾  رڙ ٿِي ڪن ڪويلِ ڪُوڪ؟

! ولولو ۽ ووڪ آهي تان عِشق جِي

Who are Good People

November 4, 2014

Good people are everywhere, in all walks of life, in all religions, in all colors and races. We try to unite ourselves on the basis of religion, race, language etc but those unions do not necessarily mean that we are gathering around the good. Fine folks abound, but we have to cross some boundaries to reach them which we are either shy or not willing to do. Just as good people are everywhere similarly bad guys are all over too, in all offices, cultures and creeds.

We should be very clear that goodness is not limited to one race or religion. A person can be good irrespective of his/her beliefs and looks. On the contrary those who are supposed to be good and great could actually be bad and worse people. If we are looking for good people then we will have to look only for goodness and think outside the box in which we have been living with limited local view of nice and ugly.

Neither stupidity nor goodness has boundaries, then why we support and save bad people just because they belong to us, our religion or race? This is the basis of discrimination and cause of most of the evils. On one hand everyone wants justice and peace, on the other hand we support and save such satanic people and ideologies which cause lawlessness, oppression, and injustice resulting in human suffering and persecution.


September 12, 2014

Somehow we dream big and have many fantasies in the back of our minds but fact of the “matter” is that this world doesn’t have so much to offer. The only thing close to the perfection for us in this world would be living in harmony and in complete synchronization with the people and things in the surroundings where we live. If we could have better relationships with all the people who we interact with, and with the things and atmosphere around us; that feeling would give us the maximum happiness possible.

For better relationships we need to be with right people, at right place and in the right environment. If we are in a hostile environment, there can’t be better relationships hence no better life. Be it home, work, friendship, city, country or planet; we need to be in the best possible environment. This does not mean that we have to be in the best looking place or with best looking people rather an atmosphere which suites us and where we fit well.Places people or things which look great and glamorous are not the best, rather the ones where we would click perfectly.

Synchronization is the next level where we are in such a perfect relationship with everything so that it feels like we were the missing links. That kind of environment makes us feel wonderful and creates harmony among us and the rest of the universe at large. We get deceived many a times about best relationships, friendships and environment which we think would make us perfect and happy. Cool people and places are not the ones which we “think” they are but the ones which actually make us “feel” great.

Who is Mature?

July 25, 2014

There is no agreed upon criteria to say for sure that someone is mature, it is only relative how mature we are. Maturity is dependent upon various factors: one’s level of knowledge, age, experience and understanding etc. If maturity is to be based upon age then an older guy could say that he/she is the mature person. On the other hand if education is the sole criteria then a youngster could be more mature. But if experience is the key then a person could be mature, regardless of age and education.

A young person could argue that an old person cannot be mature because people lose mind and energy when they grow older, and that their thinking is biased and wrong since they have hardened their thinking with time. On the other hand older people could reason that youngsters are babies and they don’t know a bit about what the life and this world is all about. Whereas an experienced guy could say that age and education is not that important, if you have gotten the experience and seen the world then you would know more about it.

Moreover we all remain in different moods and situations. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes sad and sometimes totally lost. We remain under influence of people, things and atmosphere. We express and react differently at different times, today we say we are right tomorrow we apologize that sorry I was wrong. Truth is that we know bits and pieces. There is no clear-cut answer to the question that who is mature and who is not. Only a person who has got some genuine source could claim that he/she is mature, rest of us just pretend that we are!

Religion and Peace

July 22, 2014

If all the religions and philosophies preach peace and forgiveness then why is there more violence in the name of religion and the philosophies. Why is this anomaly and contradiction between the theory and practice? Either the religions and philosophies are preaching hate, or we interpret them wrong way or are we not following them at all ? I think a religion or a philosophy which claims to be universal and for all humans, cannot preach hatred and violence. If it does, then it is a cult not a religion.

Some people interpret and implement the holy scriptures and doctrines in such a way that suits some vested interests and the regimes who want to extend their power and grip over people to rule with an iron hand in an autocratic setup, in the name of religion and philosophy. Such people have been using the religion, race, color and creed to justify their inhuman actions, to achieve their own objectives and implement their personal agendas in the name of God, nationalism, and patriotism.

The third reason for not achieving peace is that many of us consider our traditions, myths and culture as our religion. Most of us do not know and practice the true religion, but we can’t stop talking about our great beleifs and imposing them upon others. In that process we try to push our culture and self-defined religion onto others forcefully, by-passing all the norms of life, tolerance and civility. This causes lots of problems, backlash and reaction which ultimately results in conflict and chaos.


July 4, 2014

Morals are the values accepted and adhered to by all or majority of people. Societies are based upon certain moral values. Where there are no morals, there is only law of jungle. Whether religious or non-religious, all of us believe and follow a certain set of morals. Morals seem to be the basis of all the laws and customs. The source of morals is either sacred or natural one.

Moral values and the people practicing those are considered civilized where as morally corrupt folks are thought to be wild. A morally strong person feels powerful whereas morally degraded person feels weak, because this is the law of nature. A traitor apparently powerful is actually weak inside, that is why he can’t face morally strong people even though they may be well-equipped.

Neither the laws nor the regulations can keep us from committing a wrong, only the morals can forbid us from what is not right and not good. That is the reason we see a lot of scams, crimes and suffering in life even though we have strong laws in an otherwise decent and democratic society. Because laws can only control our outward behavior, not our inner world.

Ego and Greed based Social Systems

June 20, 2014

Be it today or yesterday, religion or atheism, capitalism or communism; all systems have had problems just because of human ego and greed. Totalitarian systems tend to be more egoist than greedy, whereas capitalistic systems tend to be more greed based than egoist. Most of these social systems suffer from either or both of these issues to a certain degree, which makes these systems unbearable in one or the other way. That is so because these are our own creations and we all fall prey to greed and ego easily.

If we could control our ego and greed, our society would look and feel great. A social system would do wonders if it could tam these two factors of ego and greed. In other words a system would be as much better and beneficial for people as much it could control these two behavioral aspects of human thinking. The problem is that since we create the systems ourselves, we do not know what needs to be done to put checks and balances on ego and greed, as our knowledge is limited and evolving.

If we want to have a better system of life we need to put checks and balances on the human ego and greed which often goes limitless and out-of-bounds. These are the two factors which cause most of the conflicts, miseries and wars in the world. Our systems have failed because those either allow for ego and greed explicitly or they are unable to control them. Sufis always emphasize upon controlling the “self” and ego as according to them that is the source of all evil. They always advise to be a humble human being.

What this World has to offer

June 6, 2014

We like dreams, we work hard day night to materialize those dreams and some folks even live by day dreaming. When we like dreams more than this life, it means that we are not attracted or satisfied by the things this world has to offer. It also means that we are always looking for perfection and of course there is no perfection around here.

This world offers many nice things like beauty, food, drinks and some food for thought. Apart from what nature has to offer, we make gadgets and machines which make our lives easier and interesting. Yet all these things are not enough to satisfy us and get us out of our dreams. Beauty keeps our mind occupied for a while but since this beauty is a fading one so the magic doesn’t stay put.

We should dream big to achieve something great in this life. Most of the time our dreams are too big to be materialized. That is because this world is limited and there is a lot of competition to get it and also because this world just cannot provide what we are looking for and dreaming about. Where we should dream big in this life, we should also keep it realistic!